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Three Reasons to Get Full Auto Coverage

If you just purchased or leased a new car, you are probably undergoing the task of getting all of the car insurance quotes Sacramento has to offer. There is a myriad of local and national insurance companies vying for your business in the ultra-competitive market. While it is nice to have options when shopping for auto coverage, this can be an overwhelming experience.

Just as important as what company you choose to get insurance through is the kind of coverage you are purchasing. Most insurers offer a variety of packages to their customers to fit their coverage needs. If you are having trouble deciding whether or not you want full auto coverage, use the following tips to help guide you in your decision.

Three Situations Where You Need Full Auto Coverage

1. Leasing – In most cases, the automobile dealer will force you to get full auto coverage when you are leasing. This is because it’s a brand new car and you don’t own it, so they want to protect its full value until you have to return it or opt-in to buy. If you are deciding whether to lease or buy your next vehicle, factor in the price of full coverage with the lease.

2. Brand New – If you have purchased a brand new vehicle, you probably want to get full coverage. If not, you could completely destroy it in an accident and not get its full value back if the accident is your fault. It is a good idea to have full coverage on a vehicle until you have paid it off to the point where you owe less on it that it is actually worth.

3. Work Vehicle – If you use your vehicle to run your business, it is a good idea to get full coverage. This could even cover rental coverage in the event that you are without your vehicle because it is getting repaired. You don’t want to ever not able to work because your vehicle is inoperable.
If you are in any of these three situations, you should heavily consider full auto coverage. Be sure to tell your insurance representative that you are seeking full coverage while getting quotes.