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Good Character Traits Of An Expert Witness

When a lawyer decides to hire the help of an expert witness, they will look for one that typically has certain character traits. In all areas of law, the quality of expert witness testimony can range from really excellent to very poor. Attorneys can spend thousands on hiring the use of an expert witness such as the one found at All great witnesses will have some of the following qualities that attorneys will seek out.




To be a good expert witness, it doesn’t always come down to knowing all about your specific field of knowledge. To be good at depositions and being cross-examined in court proceedings, an expert witness should have a high degree of confidence. A good amount of confidence from an expert witness is also necessary for times when they have to testify about what they know in front of a jury or judge.



Expert opinions are usually delivered in three different stages. The first is where they offer a report of their findings and how they obtained them. The second stage is where they will testify in court on these findings. The third stage is where the expert witness will have to testify before a judge or jury. Within all three of these stages, expert witness need to remain consistent. If they do not, their opinions will start to lose importance.



A reliable expert witness will only be worth hiring if they can come off as being trustworthy. These witnesses need to be able to convince others that their opinions can be trusted and relied upon. Reputations matter when speaking of trustworthiness as well. Experts need to be careful in avoiding giving out ill-informed opinions during legal cases which could ultimately damage their trustworthiness or credibility.

Along with the mentioned traits an expert witness should have, they should also have a detailed resume that lists their full educational backgrounds as well as things such as any publications, honors and licenses they have received during their careers. All expert witnesses are expected to have educational credentials that are top-level.